Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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Monday, March 01, 2004

Testing... Moving To A Non Blog Spot Host

Monday, June 30, 2003

Getting Ready For My Holiday. I Leave This Saturday And Will not Be Back Till THe End Of August. So This Blog Is Closed Till Then Unfortunatly I Will Not Have Web Access


Just Testing Out the Latest Google Toolbar
Google Toolbar Installed

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Those Of You Who Don't Have Perl Or Know The First Thing About It A Beta For Windows (Visual Basic) Based In The Next Week Or So. My Next Couple Of Days Are Realy Busy So It Might Take A While Cause Friday Threw Sunday Im Participating In An Amatuer Radio Field Day. And Then For Canada Day I Am Participating In A Amatuer Radio Canada Day Competition. My Callsign Is VA7STV Though I Will Be Opperating Under VE7OGO The Local Club Call Sign


Ok Long Time No Post But After Attempting To UN-Insall Linux From My Dual Boot System I Mest Up GRUB (Boot Loader) Thus Screwing Up My System. So Im Back Now After A Hurried Backup Restore. Who Said Nightly Backs Were No Good For Single Users At Home It Works For Me. Thank God None Of My Programing Was Lost That Is All Store On Another Machine. There Should Be A New Version Of PerlPRIMER In The Next Couple Of Days Currently Im Working On The Features That Allow It To Test For Other Kinds Of Numbers. Ok So Far It Only Can Check For Three Diffrent Kinds (Prime, Even And Odd) The Last Two Are Useless I Know. I Need Some Suggestions For Number Types And Maybe A Quick Explination On How To Prove Them. You Can Send Them To stephen@platinum.net . Thats All For Now Check Out PERLPrimer On Sourceforge.


Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Just Finished Some Of The Java That I Am Going To Be Enriching This Blog With. You Can See It A The Very Bottom Of The Page Just Before The Blogger Icon. It Changes Randomly On Every Visit. Ok Its Not Much Theres Only Three Diffrent Things In It But Its A Work In Proggress. Ive Got A Couple More Things That Dont Need To Be There But They'll Fill It Out A Bit For Now


Monday, June 23, 2003

Today Was A Very Uneventfull Day As I Have Finished School For The Year And Have Had Nothing Better To Do Than Mow The Lawn And Work On MY Latest Programing Project Primer. The Goal Of Primer Is To Be A Prime Number Testing Program That Has A Very Low Need For Resources And Can Run Indefinatly Without Cause Any Ill Effects To The System That Its Running On. Well Ok I Havent Had It Run Successfully For More That Two Hours When It Crashed And Cause A RatherHideous Squealling Sound To Come From My Speakers. But Of Course This Is Not A Bug Its A Feature. Well Thats All For Now.